Holding crystal ball



My philosophy is a byproduct of experience and exploration.  I believe that our purpose in life is to be happy and that our thoughts create our reality. My belief systems are influenced by the Divine Feminine and religions of the East, including Buddhism and Sikhism. I see life’s challenges and obstacles as opportunities to grow stronger and wiser.

I view the Tarot as one of many tools to assess a situation, relationship or goal.  The ancient wisdom within a Tarot reading illuminates a path to greater clarity, awareness and insight. A Tarot reading with Positive Illuminations is infused with positive power tools such as customized affirmations, visualization techniques, chakra balancing, Feng Shui tips, and more. Each session is uniquely tailored to the clients needs and desired outcome.

8 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello Dee
    I am interested in your tarot course starting May 31st, but am going to be in flight at that time on the 31st and would miss the session. Is there a way to access the class if I cant be online that evening.
    Peace Jane

    1. Hi Jane! Thank you for your interest. Unfortunately, due to doctor’s orders re: my pregnancy with twins I have to reschedule my commitment to teach the webinar. Please look out for next year same time and practice with a RWS tarot deck in the meantime.

  2. Hi, this is really nice. Although, looking at the dates, it seems like I’m already late. Am I? I wanted to know if you’re still into it and if I can still ask for a tarot reading?

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