About Dee



I am a practitioner of the healing arts with 20 years of experience in reading Tarot.  I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area to Punjabi Sikh immigrant parents. As a curious child, I was drawn to dream interpretation, the power of mythology, poetry, creative writing and manifestation rituals. In college, I was introduced to tarot cards, exploring it as a spiritual gateway to greater intuition and spiritual development. This exploration was supplemented by reading the works of Louise Hay, Gloria Anzaldúa, Merlin Stone and more.

After years of reading for friends and family, I launched Positive Illuminations in 2012 to provide holistic insights to others during tarot card readings. I am grateful for the gift of Tarot and incorporate this ancient divination tool into my daily life.

I relocated from California to Washington, D.C. in 2012. In a remarkable story of synchrodestiny, I bartered a tarot reading for a couch from a neighboring tenant in my apartment building. She was so moved by the accuracy of the reading, that she asked me to read for her sister and her sister’s friend. That friend was the Chair of the Washington DC Tarot Reader Association (now called Capital Tarot Society). The Chair extended a warm invitation for me to join the Capital Tarot Society. I believe in Free Will, the law of cause and effect (Karma) and that our thoughts create our reality. I am at the heart a Student, enlightened by learning with others in this path called Life.

I have over a decade of civil rights and employment law experience. Currently, I represent low-income pregnant women and conduct trainings on the rights of working parents in the D.C. Metro area. I am also the mother of a Trinity of Sisters, one aged 3 going on 13 and baby girl twins. I live with my husband and children in Northeast D.C. but am most at home on the Beach with a good book, post-it’s and a pen.

Please see the other tabs on this website to learn more about my philosophy and services.

2 thoughts on “About Dee

  1. I enjoyed your class tonight. Insightful and articulate. I am unable to donate much, but I wanted to contribute a little something just to let you know I appreciate your work on behalf of not only us students, but it seems, also people who are vulnerable. I applaud you. I particularly liked your words about happiness. I’m also nosey: I’m an SGI Buddhist (for over 35 years). May we know your affiliation?

    1. Thank you so much! Your presence is the best present. I have been a member of SGI since 2000 but did not receive my Gohonzon until 2009. I practice in the DC area now! NMRK

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