Client Testimonials

With Maat Card

“I have had the pleasure of working with Positive Illuminations on a few separate occasions. My sessions with Dee provided me with much needed CLARITY and GUIDANCE! Her wisdom and knowledge of the Tarot is very comforting, and reassuring. She also is very knowledgable about crystals, feng shui, and many things spiritual. She is clear and patient in answering my questions, which is very important to me! I would gladly recommend her to all of my friends and loved ones for guidance. Thank you Dee!!!” – Angela L. Torres, Los Angeles, CA

“I didn’t really know much about tarot, and I was skeptical about how  randomly selected cards could provide guidance for my life.  But I’m so glad I tried it.  Dee gave me so much information during our session.  Her advice was practical, real feedback on how to best deal with the challenging situations in my life.  And, she predicted the month when I would get engaged!  I constantly turn to Dee for her loving, therapeutic, honest, and positive guidance.  She is a beautiful person with amazing talents and genuinely enjoys helping people, which makes her extremely successful at what she does.” – U.H., Las Vegas, NV

“Dee is terrific at what she does. She was so incredibly supportive and caring when I came to her for guidance.  You can tell that she loves providing this service to others and that it is her calling. I was going through a difficult period in my life when I consulted Dee.  I also had a series of health problems, one after the other.  Dee provided clear, accurate information on all of my issues. I was surprised that she was able to predict when my health condition would improve and where I was heading in my life.   I highly recommend her for all your spiritual guidance.” – C.C., Washington, D.C.

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